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A Freedom Session with a statement: Miami doesn’t sound like the sea; It sounds like the corner store.


Miami, Florida : Since 2015, Miami based artist collective, the BLCK family has been exploring how artists use sound to get free via an installation series called Freedom Session. October 3rd, 2019 the collective kicks off a new iteration of the series with Inikio, at The Floyd.

Inikio is a lyrical messenger consistently delivering the profound through the everyday. Born and based in Miami, his most recent work, Corner Store Music, is an homage and a vision of this universal and site specific landmark. Authoring what he affectionately calls “pain music”, Inikio has crafted a sound that both beckons a physical response and demands all of your attention.

This live performance program is engineered to hold space for artists to present their sound based work in community with an engaged audience. The platform is built on a premise that artists of all genres will work with live instrumentation only. With a focus on showcasing original music in intimate formats, the audiences can engage in direct dialogue with the artists themselves.

Motivated by the desire to connect communities in an environment built to encourage collaboration, foster creativity and manifest love, The BLCK family executes dozens of mobile performances art shows a year, centered around culinary, visual, performing and social arts.